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Vento Dance Co.

Life in Motion

At Vento Dance Company, we believe in creating a community of people who love the power of movement as much we do. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers ensure that every one of their students leave their classes feeling energized and joyful, filled with all the passion that dance has to offer. Ready to embark on this incredible journey? Register for one of our classes today.

Our mission at Vento Dance Co. is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes, but a unique experience in which the student can grow both mentally and physically as a dancer. Our instructors possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines.

The Vento Dance Co. partners with the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District in an effort to provide an affordable dance program without compromising technique and professionalism. We have a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover their inner dancer.

Our studio and dance company strive to provide competitive opportunities for the serious minded dancer, as well as classes for recreational dancers.  

Are you ready to get up and move? Contact us today to learn more about our studio.

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