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Tuition is based off of a 10-month dance school year model. The number of classes will vary from month to month. Tuition is a monthly fee whether there are 3-weeks in a month or 5-weeks. Tuition will not adjust. There are no refunds for missed classes or closures due to inclement weather. Drop-in fees are $15.00 per class. Students paying monthly tuition fees, versus drop-in class fees, will be given priority enrollment in classes which become full.

Class Level Placements are determined by class instructors. We will be closed Thanksgiving Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Break. Additional closures may occur for Halloween and Veteran’s Day at the discretion of class instructors. There are many performance opportunities for our students throughout the season, including Halloween and Christmas showcases. The dance season will culminate with a June Recital - additional participation and class fees will apply.

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